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Walmart takes a cue from Netflix in buying clothing brands like ours, Bonobos CEO says

Just as Netflix has amped up investment in content creation, Walmart will continue investing in brands, said Andy Dunn, CEO and co-founder of Walmart-owned online clothier Bonobos. “If you want to win, you’ve got to own great brands,” Dunn said Tuesday on CNBC’s “Squawk Alley.” “It’s kind of like what Netflix did. They started making their own content. And we’re of […]

These countries are most vulnerable to the emerging market storm

Trouble in paradise: For the past decade, a river of easy money rushed into emerging markets. Now that powerful force is reversing. Rising interest rates, along with trade wars, have started a stampede out of some emerging markets. The Turkish lira and Argentine peso have crashed, while China’s stock market is stuck in a bear market. Problems long masked […]

Why the next hot fintech might be found in a sandbox

Fintech startups are getting a new launching pad thanks to fresh cooperation between regulators and businesses. Arizona became the first state to launch a so-called fintech sandbox, which gives firms access to a limited number of customers and a lower level of oversight. The intent is to let startups test new ideas and, more importantly, […]

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John Branson

John Branson

Business Development Manager

John actually started out as a member of our Research & Analysis team, quickly becoming a valuable asset in this department while at the same time showing an aptitude for portfolio management. He moved over to our Financial Advisory team and he quickly developed a niche in offshore trading while continuing to use his background to good effect by conducting thorough research independently of our back-end team in order to stay one step ahead of the markets, something which has paid dividends for himself and his clients. He is a keen musician, a hobby which has recently seen him take part in various open nights around the expat bars of Kuala Lumpur.


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