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Client Acquisition Team

Bill Baxter - Client Acquisition Team

Bill spent the first part of his career working as a Loan Officer for Rabo Bank and ABN Amro Bank. He then moved into the financial sector, where his communication skills and ability to simplify financial strategies allowed him to excel, and which brought him to our attention.

He was successfully headhunted by Bridge Capital Advisors and joined the firm in 2015, and has since gone on to be extremely popular with our clients, especially the less experienced investors who require a guiding hand through the initial process. He is an avid reader, and away from work he likes to spend as much time as possible with his family.

James Davis - Client Acquisition Team

James gained his degree at the London School of Economics in the 1990’s and has spent his entire career in the financial industry. He joined Bridge Capital Advisors after a chance encounter while on a golfing holiday in Malaysia 4 years ago, and his unwavering passion and focused dedication, as well as his diligent attitude to undertaking independent market research in order to keep abreast of any impending market movements, has made him one of our most successful brokers. He is a keen tennis player and loves outdoor pursuits.

James Newport - Client Acquisition Team

James has extensive experience in corporate analysis and started his career with Bridge Capital Advisors in our research and analysis department with special focus on Asia Pacific emerging markets. His love and passion for helping people has led him to transferring into the sales and Advisory department, as he loves to share his passion and insight with new investors. He also helps organize Bridge Capital’s non-profit and charity events as well as volunteering his free time to help local organizations working with the poor and homeless. James is an invaluable asset to the Bridge Capital family and is rapidly working his way up to Senior level Management and dedicated to continuing his education in finance with hopes to own his own firm someday.

John Branson - Client Acquisition Team

John actually started out as a member of our Research & Analysis team, quickly becoming a valuable asset in this department while at the same time showing an aptitude for portfolio management. He moved over to our Financial Advisory team and he quickly developed a niche in offshore trading while continuing to use his background to good effect by conducting thorough research independently of our back-end team in order to stay one step ahead of the markets, something which has paid dividends for himself and his clients. He is a keen musician, a hobby which has recently seen him take part in various open nights around the expat bars of Kuala Lumpur.

Josh Baker - Client Acquisition Team

Josh Baker is well known for his aggressive investment strategy. In managing his own portfolio he takes risks that others often criticize, but he has proven himself to have a knack at picking winners overlooked by most. His high energy and passion are contagious and he has earned the trust and respect of his colleagues and clients alike. Josh loves the fast paced high energy of the stock exchange floor and worked in New York for over ten years. After joining Bridge Capital Advisors and working out of the New York office he was promoted and offered a chance to work in Malaysia where he could bring his Wall Street energy and experience to Kuala Lumpur which has been a great contribution the Bridge Capital Team. He openly admits to missing the buzz of Wall Street but loves the tropics of South East Asia and has become an adventurous traveller and thrill seeker in and around Asia.

Max Campbell - Client Acquisition Team

Max is relatively new to the Bridge Capital family but brings over 14 years of experience in Wealth Management and Asset protection. Max also started with Bridge Capital Advisors working from our New York
office and his specialty lies in how well he works with his clients. Anyone who knows Max comes to love him immediately. He understands peoples’ needs and communicates even the most sophisticated finance jargon in easy to understand terminology. His talents have proved him to be a leader in client relations, sales and consultancy. Max is a selfless family man focused on career and motivated by helping others achieve their dreams. He is a writer and acts as our own resident motivational speaker and leads weekly team building exercises.

Michael Lee - Client Acquisition Team

Michael began his career in finance after graduating from the University of Cape Town, working as a Financial Advisor mainly specializing in offshore investing. He has a deep understanding of the inner workings of the world’s financial institutions and the different offshore jurisdictions, and he has vast experience in assisting high net worth international investors with tailored financial solutions, with special focus given to the emerging markets sector. He believes that the global financial future lies in Asia, which is why he made the move to our company around 6 years ago, and he has also fallen in love with the beautiful nature of the region, spending as much time as possible on the beautiful beaches of Malaysia.

Ryan Matthews - Client Acquisition Team

Ryan has only recently joined Bridge Capital Advisors after first moving to Asia two years ago in search of new opportunities. He came to us highly recommended and has quickly settled in to our dynamic team, and he is responsible for helping to implement business development strategies, structures and processes, and internally recommending future equity investments. He has over 10 years as an investment strategist and wealth advisor. He is another member of our team who is a golf enthusiast, and he is also a keen musician.

Thomas Cross - Client Acquisition Team

Tom has worked as an Investment Advisor for his entire career and has always focused in offshore investments, recognizing this sector as the one offering the best opportunities for positive returns for his clients’ investments. Having worked for various prominent investment firms in both England and America, he decided to make the move to Asia over 10 years ago in order to be closer to the emerging markets that he felt would offer the best opportunities for expansion in the future, and found his home in Kuala Lumpur with Bridge Capital Advisors. Away from work he spends his time reading and traveling around the region having developed a passion for photography.